I want to thank everyone who have been following this manga. Since June, I sent my work in to Comixology Submit in the hopes of reaching a larger audience. In August, “Strange Symmetry” was accepted. Because of their overwhelming submission, the Comixology crew could only process my comics into their guided view technology one at a time. So, I am disappointed with the wait time, but I am glad to announce that finally the first chapter is now on sale at their site. Hopefully, the rest of the chapters would be up soon. I apologize to those who have been waiting. The new chapter (Chapter 4) has been loaded for Comixology as well. I will announce it as soon as I receive news. Meanwhile, please refer this to your friends about this exciting news. Here is the link to “Strange Symmetry” at Comixology: http://cmxl.gy/1kS0f7R

Thank you all for your continuing support. Your interests are what kept me going.