Ariel Tesla:

Ariel has relocated several times which, at 15, is pretty difficult.  Depressed and lonely, she is having a hard time adjusting to her new environment. All this changes when she meets Xigi. He introduces her to the world of magic, and in so doing, gives Ariel a sense of belonging and purpose.  In this new world she can alter reality, but soon enough she learns about the responsibility that comes with every decision she makes. Awkward in almost every situation, her good-hearted nature and sincerity still often saves the day. She will gain something from each magical adventure she embarks on with her new found friends and in turn will evolve from a shy nerdy kid to a more confident and strong young woman.


A mistake from his past turns him into a half demon. Reclusive, Xigi keeps a low profile to avoid discovery and potential harm of others. He has a bag full of magic tricks to help him out of difficult situations, but he rarely uses it. When he does, he relocates immediately to avoid complication with humans. His outdoor domestic decoration business is a disaster. He bickers with his talking cat as though they were an old couple. The influence of his demon half often makes him forget what it means to be human. When Ariel enters his life, their adventures unexpectedly make him more aware of his human side. All of a sudden, he finds himself engaging with others and deciding to take a risk by staying in one place for awhile.  This decision leads him to develop a bond with Ariel that becomes his salvation.


Attitude with claws is the best description for this talking cat. Choosing revenge over love, he gets stuck in a limbo state; neither alive nor dead. He befriends Xigi because they share a similar predicament. But he constantly argues with him to make it clear that Xigi is in no way his master. Deep down he is a loyal friend. He loves getting attention from girls. He constructs a tough cat image, but he just can’t beat his weakness for catnip.



Ariel’s mother acts flaky but is a serious woman who knows what is going on.  She often provides insight for Ariel in tough situations. She has a hard time balancing her work schedule with her family life. Although she cannot be there all the time, Margie maintains a close relationship with Ariel. She likes Xigi, and her flirting often embarrasses Ariel.


He is a righteous Buddhist lama who interprets the doctrine according to his own terms. He loves perfection and hates Xigi’s sloppy ways. When he first meets Xigi, he almost slays him. After sharing many dangerous situations together, he gains respect for Xigi. He also discovers the flaws of his own righteousness, and Ariel opens him up to become more compassionate. He is very knowledgeable within the magic realm and so has access to plenty of charms and spells. His unwavering seriousness inspires Xigi to piss him off regularly


She is Ariel’s classmate. She used to be a mean girl, especially to nerds like Ariel. Her family problems affect her deeply. When Xigi and Ariel help to resolve some of them, she becomes friends with the gang, but is still a long way from rehabilitation. She is one of the prettiest girls in class, and she has the hots for Xigi. This often makes Ariel jealous and Xigi feel awkward. She is not the biggest help, but she proves to be an enthusiastic support for the others.

The Witch:

In her youth, she performed a séance with a group of witches (including Ariel’s Grandmother), and as a result of that, discovers the full scope of her power. The group’s encounter with “the Origin” affected each of them differently. For her, longevity, youth, and her black magic grew exponentially. Throughout her years, she gained wealth and influenced politics, but her ambitions were never fully realized. As she performs powerful magic, she also loses her life energy, and now death is near. She is desperate to regain access to “the Origin” but the key to the puzzle is missing. In search of this key, she creates havoc everywhere.