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Strange Symmetry

Strange Symmetry was part of the Tokyopop Pilot Manga initiative.

Ariel has had an extraordinary life living all over the world, but at age 15, she wishes for nothing more than to have stability, friends, and ordinary activities like every girl her age. She has moved reluctantly to the Twin Cities with her recently divorced mother.  Alienated by her new environment and trapped in her loneliness, she is ready to give up. Unexpectedly, she meets her neighbor Xigi in a desperate situation, and he opens up a doorway to a magical world that brings new light to her life.  She will learn about the world and herself by encountering the demons of everyday life.

About the Author:
Born into a family of graphic artists, I was introduced to paper and pen at a very young age. Although I used them as weapons to attack invisible enemies at first, I eventually drew something with them that was not half bad. Growing up with Anime, Manga, western Comics and Manhua, I developed an interest in sequential story telling. I swore to draw everything I had ever watched, from Sci-fi movies to TV shows. That resulted in stacks of sketch book comics which I promised never to show the world (That means my entire Star Wars movie collection, drawn with pencil in stapled sheets of 8.5″x11″ paper with all the characters only in frontal view and all the kung fu tv shows without one dialogue balloon). While my interest in fighting invisible villains eventually waned, my enthusiasm to create stories never did. Struggling between adjunct teaching, freelance illustration and design, and the demands of my two cats, I am an aspiring comic book artist/manga-ka.

For my other works:
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